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After an accident, patients may have different symptoms based on the type of accident they were in and what was injured. At the Miami Back Institute, we see frequently see patients with injuries in many areas of their body.  A patient may have head injuries, neck injuries and low-back injuries all from the same accident. 

Some of the more common Accident Injury Symptoms include:
 *  Whiplash
 *  Neck Pain
 *  Headaches
 *  Low-back pain
 *  Shoulder and Arm Pain
 *  Hip, and Leg Pain
 *  Herniated Discs
Pain in the neck, shoulders, head or the base of the skull after a car accident is often referred to as whiplash.  While most patients recover from whiplash injuries within a few months, 15 to 20% of them develop chronic pain. Only 70% of whiplash victims recover completely after one year and only 82% have recovered completely two years after the accident. In addition to neck pain, there are many symptoms associated with the whiplash syndrome, including, sleep disorders, poor concentration and memory, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, fatigue, and weakness.

Neck Pain
Neck injury may occur even in low-speed accidents and is typically the result of the quick and exaggerated movements of the neck as a result of the impact. This "whipping" movement tears the muscles and ligaments around the spinal joints and can injure the joints, discs and nerves.

Headaches as a result of an accident are referred to as Post-traumatic headaches and may occur after even a minor rear end crash. These headaches include muscle tension headache, muscle contraction headaches, cervicogenic (originating in the neck) headaches and migraines. Many head injury headaches originate from the muscles, ligamnets (soft tissues) and joints of the neck. 

Lower Back Pain
Lumbar spine injury and pain are common problems following personal injury accidents. Similar to accident injuries to the neck, low-back injuries primarily involve the spinal soft-tissues.  Low back pain radiating into the buttocks and down the legs may be due to a herniated disc. Incidents that can provoke these symptoms can range from mild rear-end impacts to severe collisions.

Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain
Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries are commonly seen after car crashes. These injuries most frequently occur to the driver holding onto the steering wheel in front or rear end crashes or, to the front passenger bracing against the dashboard or window in a frontal crash.

Hip Leg & Knee Pain
Hip and leg injuries may be seen in occupants using seatbelts having excessive forward movement around a lap belt or sliding under the seat belt. Most knee injuries are due to direct impact with the knee bolster, dashboard, steering column, steering wheel, console or side door structures.

Herniated Discs
Disc injuries may occur in motor vehicle collisions in which rapid rotational accelerating forces cause tearing of the disc. Herniated or bulging discs may produce back or neck pain and, if they impinge on spinal nerves, may produce pain or altered sensation radiating down the arms or legs.

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